Beyond Age and Experience: The Role of Creative Thinking in Webbix's Success as a Gen-Z Founded Company


Webbix Co-Founders together

Age has nothing to do with experience and skill

Age has nothing to do with experience and skill. At Webbix, we value people for their skill and talent, not for their age and years in the industry. The Webbix-team is a mix of different generations, which brings a lot of different input and ideas for every new project. 

Two 18 years old Startup founders – Gen-Z founded business

Webbix was founded in 2021 by Luca Nonn and Max Schwarz. By the time the two founded Webbix they were 18 years old and made it their mission to digitalize Startups worldwide. Since the founding of Webbix, the team has worked with several Startups in different stages and branches. 

A young but experienced team – Webbix’s process of work

Our small team is a mix of different ages and years of experience in working together with Startups. But all of our team members at Webbix have worked with several Startups over time and picked up our specialized Startup affine process of work. This process of work was specially developed for Webbix’s work with Startup businesses to support their founders as well as possible.

Your career with us – learn more about Webbix

Our youngest employee is under the age of 18. Webbix combines three different generations of employees. So do not hesitate to reach out to us if you are interested in working at or with Webbix. We will value you for your skills and working proficiency, and won’t judge you for your age or years of experience in the industry. To get in touch with our team and learn more about how we work at Webbix, use one of the many contact possibilities on our website. We will also inform you about any job offers we will have at the time.